Lateral Force Distributions in Braced-Moment Frames


  • Ralph M. Richard
  • Eric Keldrauk
  • Jay Allen



force distribution, buckling restrained braced frames (BRBF), braced-moment frame


Braced frames intended to resist wind and seismic loads traditionally have been analyzed and designed as trusses with all joints modeled as pins, such that only the braces provide lateral force resistance. However, frames with gusset plate connections create a rigid joint zone between frame beams and columns, effectively resulting in moment frame behavior, particularly at larger drift angles when braces have yielded or buckled. Described herein are the force distributions for buckling-restrained braced frames (BRBF) subjected to story drift angles, where the lateral resistance of the frame comprises both brace and moment frame action.




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Richard, R. M., Keldrauk, E., & Allen, J. (2024). Lateral Force Distributions in Braced-Moment Frames. Engineering Journal, 61(2), 059–070.
| American Institute of Steel Construction