About the Journal

Engineering Journal is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of steel construction. Its pages are open to all who wish to report on new developments or techniques in steel design, research, the design and/or construction of new projects, steel fabrication methods, or new products of significance to the use of steel in construction.

Articles published in Engineering Journal undergo peer review before publication for:

  1. originality of contribution
  2. technical value to the steel construction community
  3. proper credit to others working in the same area
  4. prior publication of the material
  5. justification of the conclusion based on the report

All papers within the scope outlined above will be reviewed by engineers selected from among AISC, industry, design firms, and universities. The standard review process includes outside review by an average of three reviewers, who are experts in their respective technical areas and volunteers in the program. Published papers become the property of the American Institute of Steel Construction and are protected by appropriate copyrights. No typesetter proofs will be provided to authors.

Types of Content Published

Articles: Technical content presenting completed research and analysis or innovative practical design concepts or methodologies. Articles generally have between 3,000 and 10,000 words. 

Technical Notes: A technical note presents practical information, preliminary research results or innovative design techniques. Technical notes generally have fewer than 3,000 words. 

Discussions: Reader commentary on technical points in previously published content.

Closures: Author responses to reader comments provided in discussions. 

Steel Structures Research Update: A column highlighting developments in structural steel research, written by Research Editor Judy Liu, professor at Oregon State University.

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